Career Hunters Membership Benefits

Career Hunters Membership is an extensive tool for Jobhunters to achieve targeted Job, with the help of Thousands of Active Jobs every month from leading Employers & Recruiters within U.A.E.

  1. Get Coaching Advisory Call by Career Coach, on Job Market & Industry.
  2. Get Advised on aspects of Salary trends, UAE Job Market, Good Conduct Certificate/ Police Clarence by a Coach.
  3. Get attend all  Career Hunters Forum Seminar/ Webinar, at no further cost. .
  4. Learn Soft Skills, required to stand up in your work place with optimum efficiency.
  5. Apply learnt skills, get mentoring and support during your Membership.
  6. Get Evealuation, on project made, to monitor the progress.
  7. Get privileges and discounts, throughout your Membership to Career Hunters Forum during the period.

Special discounts on Career Coaching, Resume Writing, Premium Membership, Trainings, and Workshops.

Jobhunt has been assisting its clients, since 1996, in UAE, with the goal to support you to create a total experience that educates and adds value to your process. We take the time to know your objectives so that the message ties directly to your goals.

Jobhunters Support & Services

Empower your Jobhunting with the power of regions most thriving Job Portal, since 1996!


AED 1408.55/-
AED 3.86/- Each Day
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AED 748.66/-
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Career Coaching 3 Session

AED 2408.04/-
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AED 3995.41/-
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