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Video Profile

In 30 seconds, your resume will WIN or LOSE a chance of getting a job!

With UAE being a highly competitive, cosmopolitan and multicultural job market, you will need to be able to stand out of the crowd through a Video Resume or Profile. This video will be able to highlight key skills that the employer is looking for along with be able to have an insight of your communication skills and personality.

Video Resume or Profile Service will assist you in contenting along with identifying the key points that will highlight your profile in the competitive UAE Job Market. Our PR Team will record a professional video that will be appealing to Employers by providing the technical equipment and support require along with the appropriate file for uploading it on YouTube
Having a Video Resume or Profile will not only tell but should also sell your skills and competencies along with boosting your chances of getting a call back or interview.

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Professional Video Resume

$ 300
Get Contenting, Recording, Editing and Upload File for YouTube; For 2 to 3 Minutes Video Resume for Professional Level Professionals

Senior Video Profile

$ 550
Get Contenting, Recording, Editing and Upload File for YouTube; For 4 to 6 Minutes Video Profile for Senior Level Professional