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Career Coaching & Advisory

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Career Coaching (1 Session) 1 Session, with Career Coach
Career Coaching (4 Sessions) Career Coaching Sessions (4 Sessions, with Career Coach)

Resume Designing & Cover Letter

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Professional Resume Writing (Read More)
Cover Letter Get Cover Letter customised to your needs, and resume. Letter -Format/ Summary/ Content/ Edit
Follow up Letter Get Follow up Letter, customised to your needs, and resume. Letter -Format/ Summary/ Content/ Edit
Resume - Video Contenting, Recording, & Youtube Account
Thanks Letter Get Thanks Letter, customised to your needs, and resume. Letter -Format/ Summary/ Content/ Edit

Premium Membership

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Premium Membership

Employer Connect Membership

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Premium Membership

Jobhunter Forum Seminar

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Jobhunters Forum - Interview Skills Workshop! Learn Jobhunting Techniques and Tipp’s to score high in your Interview. Learn to negotiate the best Job. Guidance to prepare for Interview, give your best during the Interview, and opportunities after the Interview.
Jobhunters Forum - Career Planning Succession! UAE Job Market Updates. Learn Jobhunting Techniques and Tipp’s to plan your career. Find out the Industries Hiring now, and skills in demand. Learn latest Jobhunting Techniques, keep you updated, with Job Market.
Jobhunters Forum - Get A Dynamite Resume! UAE Job Market Update. Learn to create a Dynamite Resume that not only tells by sells! Seminar is led by Ms. Jaya Bhatia Career Coach with 20 Years of experience in UAE Job Market as HR Advisor & Recruitment Expert.

Trainings & Workshops (Free)

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Jobhunters Forum -Ace The Career Fair! UAE Job Market Update. Student Preparatory Workshop to prepare for Career Fair. Offers Job Market updates, guidance on resume, dress code, body language, during career fair, and post career fair opportunities.
Jobhunters Forum -UAE Job Market Update! Get the Job market updates, learn Latest Jobhunting Techniques and to keep your updated, with Job Market.
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