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Project Director

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17 October 2019
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Hospital - Health care - Medical - Pharmaceuticals
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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Career Level
Intern, Entry Level - Below 2 Yrs Of Experience
Desired Candidate's Job Profile (Job Requirements)
1. Job Purpose 1.1 Have a thorough understanding of the overall contract and provide the professional and timely delivery of all contractual requirements. 1.2 Maintain a positive working relationship between Uniteam Medical and other key stakeholders in the DOH Project. 1.3 To provide and promote leadership and guidance to the medical and administrative teams. 1.4 Maintain the company strategic direction for the Project. 1.5 Ensure the professional reputation and image of Uniteam Medical is maintained at all times. 2. Duties & Responsibilities 2.1 Analyse the contract and appropriately scope out the Project requirements and deliverables. 2.2 Ensure the timely and professional administration and delivery of health services which adhere to Uniteam Medical’s contractual obligations. 2.3 Effectively and efficiently control the day to day management of the Project on site. 2.4 Work in close association with General Manager to ensure the day-to-day delivery of the Project stays within budget and to client satisfaction, and the required personnel with the appropriate qualifications are deployed. This includes the negotiation for resources both internal and external to Aspen Medical. 2.5 Identify and eliminate any breach of contract through proactive solution management and resolve issues as they arise. 2.6 Provide weekly contract updates to the General Manager. 2.7 Effectively manage all on site contractual expenses. In addition, actively source opportunities to reduce costs and secure more competitive rates 2.8 Communicate the vision and objectives of Uniteam Medical and the contract through all work activities and behaviour. 2.9 Mentor the Project Manager on achieving the key requirements of the Project. 2.10 Support and encourage performance through coaching, counselling, feedback and influencing. 2.11 Motivate individuals and teams to achieve high performance results and maintain good morale within the workplace. 2.12 Create an environment where people are encouraged to make their own decisions and work as a team. 2.13 Encourages and supports individuals and teams through periods of strategic change. 2.14 Plan and manage staff and resources to achieve the business objectives and contractual obligations. 2.15 Ensure that all equipment and facilities that require regular servicing and maintenance is done so with the assistance of the Facilities and Logistics managers. 2.16 Constantly review all equipment and facilities to ensure it is fit for purpose. 2.17 Display initiative and skill in developing and implementing plans efficiently whilst optimizing the use of project resources. 2.18 In consultation with the General Manager set and achieve financial targets through the judicious management of resources. 2.19 Demonstrate initiative and skills in developing plans and implementing plans efficiently with excellent use of resources. 2.20 Oversee the day to day clinical staffing and outcomes to ensure contractual standards are adhered to. 2.21 Other Project duties as delegated by the General Manager.     Requirements     4.1 Qualifications Experience
Project Director – DOH
  • Bachelor’s degree or Equivalent
Minimum 5 years’ experience in Project Management, preferable healthcare Experience working in UAE or other Middle Eastern country highly desirable.
4.2 Knowledge, Skills and Competencies Evidenced by
  • Experience in the management and implementation of a complex Project and Business initiatives.
  • Well-developed conceptual problem-solving skills, including the ability to analyse complex issues and to develop a range of practical solutions for their resolution.
  • The ability to be client focused, responsive, flexible, positive and committed to deliver high quality service and improvement in an environment of continuous change.
  • Experience in a leadership role with an understanding of staff management practices and a proven ability to create a motivational work environment.

Interview & References
4.3 Personal Attributes Evidenced by
  • Demonstrated record of leadership of health/hospital services; experience with the design, development and delivery of new and refurbished hospital facilities and services;
  • Proven record of ethical, respectful and skilled leadership of people and teams;
  • Demonstrated commitment to providing high quality client focused health services;
  • High level of personal drive, energy and resilience; and
  • Culturally aware and sensitive to ethnic, religious and gender differences.
  • Fluent English speaker.
  • Experience working in a multi-cultural environment/UAE.
Interview and/or references  
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