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Recreation Manager

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07 January 2020
Job Industry
Hotel - Travel - Tourism - Airlines
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Job Location
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Career Level
Executive Level - 2 To 8 Yrs Of Experience
Desired Candidate's Job Profile (Job Requirements)
Job Responsibilities:
1. Provides guidance, direction and support to colleagues within the Recreation Department.
2. Interacts with guests as well as recreation members and individuals in the local community.
3. Ensures the safe and efficient delivery of all recreational services and facilities to hotel guests and recreation members at all times.
4. Responsible to ensure the utmost due diligence is practiced by self and all Recreation colleagues in regards to the safety of all hotel guest and recreation members whilst using the facilities.
5. Ensure self and all Recreation colleagues have complete knowledge of all recreation services, facilities as well as other hotel services and facilities.
6. Ensures that all hotel guests and recreation members are provided with the correct information and knowledge on use of the facilities as well as club rules and regulations for the safety and convenience of all users.
7. Conducts daily inspections of all recreational facilities and surrounding areas to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and all equipments are kept in a good state of repair.
8. Ensures that the Engineering department conducts regular preventative maintenance check on all operating equipments.
9. Ensures that there is always a Life Guard stationed by the poolside during opening hours.
10. Ensures that all other areas are kept manned at all times as required.
11. Ensures that all signage is kept up to date and highly visible to guests for their safe use of the recreational facilities.
12. Ensures that all membership records are kept up to date and all documentation is filed accordingly and personal data of members is kept confidential.
13. Liaises with all freelance instructors to ensure they provide the necessary legal documentation to be able to work within the hotel premises and all contracts are legally binding and adhered to at all times.
14. Working in conjunction with the Sales & Marketing department creates sales and marketing plans to promote membership and recreational services.
15. Working in conjunction with the Sales & Marketing department attends sales calls to promote membership and recreational services.
16. Participates in local community events as relevant to promote corporate social responsibility as well as create awareness of the Recreation Club.
17. Arranges recreation member and guests club events/activities as required.
18. Assists with the development of new products and services.
19. Demonstrates the 12-Service Excellence Basics and ensures that all Recreation colleagues follow the same.
20. Keeps updated with the latest market trends and new products.

HR Responsibilities:
21. Conducts performance evaluations as required regarding colleague probation periods, annual performance reviews, promotion or transfer consideration and salary reviews.
22. Establishes comprehensive training programmes for the department.
23. Evaluates departmental training sessions.
24. Personally conducts training for all Recreation colleagues as required.
25. Attends all hotel trainings as required.
26. Adheres to all HR and hotel policies and procedures.
27. Continually strives to improve self; knowledge and skills.

Financial Responsibilities:
28. Under the assistance of the senior Finance Manager co-ordinate the preparation of the departmental annual budget and work to achieve the budget by monitoring and controlling the departmental operations, considering revenue and expenditure.
29. On an ongoing basis, control and analyses departmental costs to ensure performance against budget; implementing corrective measures where necessary to produce positive business results.
30. Actively participate in all hotel energy saving and recycling initiatives and ensures that all Recreation colleagues follow the same.
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